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We provide personalized and professional looking documents to be printed, emailed or posted on the web. Let us know what you’re looking for and we'll get it back to you on time, just the way you want it, and always with a smile.

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About Susan Yacavone:

Susan has been involved in the digital pre-press industry for over 26 years. She started her Macintosh design and pre-press career in Boulder, Colorado, in 1986, at one of the very first desktop publishing service bureaus, Publishing Resources.

She moved to New York City, in 1990, where she became the Pre-Press Production Manager for the MPC Imaging Center within Microcomputer Publishing Center, Inc. Susan was responsible for orchestrating an efficient workflow and ensuring quality of output for high end color prints, digital drum scanning and film output for press. She also developed and facilitated a 4-day seminar on using color for desktop pre-press and taught monthly 2-part classes on the basic theories of desktop color separations.

In 1997, Susan began doing graphic design and over the years has developed a strong client base made up of summer camps, trade organizations, commercial printers and individual small businesses. She specializes in assisting every client with a variety of design services all while maintaining excellent customer service.

Feel free to contact her directly with any questions you might have:

p: (973) 595-8822

f: (973) 836-0326


Documents for Print

  1. Brochures

  2. Postcards

  3. Advertisements

  4. Fliers

  5. Newsletters

  6. Invitations

  7. Announcements

  8. Pocket Folders

  9. Display Panels

  10. Forms and Applications

  11. Corporate Identity

Documents for Email and Web

  1. Constant Contact
    Email Design

  2. eNewsletters

  3. eFliers

  4. ePostcards

  5. Digital Flip Brochures

  6. PDF attachments

Image Services

  1. Custom Photo Montages

  2. Retouching & Image Enhancement